Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trey & Megan Wedding Video

Trey & Megan Wedding from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
I got the wonderful privilege of documenting Trey & Megans wedding in Estes Park, CO early October. The ceremony had a beautiful setting at a family cabin and the reception was held at amazing The Stanley Hotel that evening. Congratulations on the start of something beautiful Trey and Megan! Thank you for having me document your special day and may you guys have endless happy years together!

Song: "White Dress"-Ben Rector

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Summer 2015 in Photos

Summers in Colorado are always a blast, dare I say more fun than winter??? Here's what I got myself into over the summer months in this beautiful state and around the country.

Garrett climbing around Shelf Rd.

Josh Kiker doing his thing for Burfords Tree Service

Justin Lee at Jibtopia for the start of the STZ van tour 

Rubin Miller in the ATL street heat

The boiz on the STZ "Hot, Fresh n' Roasted Nuts/Burrito" van tour 

Wesley M. Jacobsen at the Valdosta Wake Compound

Terry Bailey getting all turnt

Quinn Silvernale at VWC 

Terry Bailey sending land gaps 

T.B. in his backyard

Guntersville, AL 

Spring 2 Summer 2015

S2S 2015 

July 4th above Frisco, CO 

Peru Creek 

Abandoned cabin 

Graham likes things rocky

Mt. Yale in the clouds 

Bro dog taking it all in

Up and above Hartenstein Lake 

Collegiate Peaks Wilderness sunset 

Moose drool

Hammock mornings 

Party rail!


Reilly pressing his way through Woodward at Copper

The STZ crew out at Woodward Copper 

Dock sessions

Hiking into the abiss 

Sunset over Mystic Island Lake 

Night light 

Morning zen 


Bro dog getting pitted by all the wildflowers

Golden hour in the Holy Cross wilderness

Lake Charles sunset 


13,000' something

Old mine ruins

Monday, September 7, 2015

Update, upDATE, UPDATE!!! Part 1.

Things this summer have been super hectic, and have been falling behind in posts. So for my first update post, I'm sharing the videos from the remaining stops of the STZ "Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts" Van tour. After leaving Jibtopia, we headed to the Valdosta Wake Compound for a couple super fun, productive days. After that the van headed up to Atlanta, for some street skate spots as well as some laps at Terminus Wake Park. After a nice morning sesh at the park, the van continued on to Guntersville, AL for the 8th annual Spring 2 Summer Wakeboard Tournament hosted by Wake Factory and Russell Marine. Not to shortly after my trip to the south, the STZ crew drove out to Colorado for a week of Woodward at Copper summer snow camp, and as you can tell in the video, the week was packed full of fun and activities. Can't wait for all of this to happen again next year.

"Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts" Tour-Valdosta Wake Compound from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
Stop two of the "Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts"/Burrito Tour had the STZ van pulling into the Valdosta Wake Compound. STZ team riders Quinn Silvernale, Jeff Mathis, Wesley M. Jacobsen, Cole Vanthof and VWC employee/team homie Terry Bailey kept the momentum going as the crew slayed the cables. The full cable features and the one of a kind pool gap, is something no other cable park has and is top notch. The new System 2 cable pool gaps just went in, and the future for that section of the park is going to be unreal. Everyone had a blast riding/skating/relaxing through storms, while being able to stack some clips. If you haven't been to Valdosta to ride the cable yet, make sure to put it on your soon to visit list, you won't be disappointed.

Edit:Ian Zinner
Filming: Quint Noble, Wesley M. Jacobsen, Ian Zinner

Stay tuned for part 3 as the STZ van heads to Atlanta.

Song: "Web"-Thee Oh Sees

STZ "Hot, Fresh, 'N Roasted Nuts" Tour-Atlanta from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
The final stop of the STZ van tour, had the crew stopping in HOTlanta. And it was nothing short of hot. But the vibes stayed up as the crew rolled around the streets finding skate spots and than on to Terminus Wake Park for some cable sets with the crew and friends.
Big thanks to everyone who helped make this tour possible, and can't wait until the next adventures happens. Until than, happy shredding.

Make sure to follow @stzlife for more adventures and beyond.

Smooth jams: Tame Impala-"Let It Happen"

Edit: Ian Zinner

Wesley M. Jacobsen
Ian Zinner
Jeff Mathis
Nick Mertes
Grant Sufferling
Cole Vanthof

Spring 2 Summer 2015 from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
The 8th Annual Spring2Summer Wakeboard Competition, held on North Alabama’s Lake Guntersville, is one of the largest grassroots wakeboard tournaments in the country. This year’s theme was “8 Bits of Fury” and riders traveled from as far as Orlando and Michigan to compete.

Over the eight years of S2S, we have met and grown close to many riders and their families. For WakeFactory, S2S has become a family reunion as much as a contest. Feeling the love and support from everyone on the shoreline June 20 around 5 p.m, it became clear that S2S is more than a competition for a sport that we all love and live. It is a venue for friends and families to gather, cheer on, and support one another from the highest points to the lowest.

We look forward to seeing you June 25, 2016 for the next great chapter of Spring2Summer.


STZ @ Woodward Copper Summer 2015 from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
The STZ crew made the trek cross country from Charlotte, NC to spend week 7 with the campers at Woodward Copper and spread the stoke of summer shredding. The crew had a blast mingling with the campers and getting in as many activities as possible. Hopefully the campers had as much as the STZ boys did. Thanks to Woodward Copper for having us out, and already looking forward to next year.

Tune: The Fixx-"One Thing Leads To Another"

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts" Tour-Jibtopia

"Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts" Tour-Jibtopia from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
Jibtopia Wake Park meant the start of a 9 day van trip for the STZ team. Team riders Wes Jacobsen, Quinn Silvernale, and Cole Vanthof threw all down weekend long, along with friends Blake Bishop, Justin Lee, Alex Hamrick, Wes Hubert and Joey. Team skaters Jake Miller and Alejandro Depass also shredded up the mini pipe and street spots, keeping the stoke high. Big thanks to the Jibtopia crew for having us out.

Stay tuned for part 2 as the STZ van heads south to Valdosta Wake Compound for the next stop of the "Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts Tour"

Song: The Grizzlied Mighty-"Chantael"

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Boozin' n Croozin'

Boozin' n Croozin' from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
Another typical sunny day in the park. Crusin' with some booze in the pocket and runnin' into a bunch of buddies for a fun filled shred day. Nuff said.

Song: "Strictly 4 My Jeep"-Action Bronson

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Zion National Park explorations and more

To start off the summer activities, me and my girlfriend took a few weeks off work to go check out Zion National Park in Utah. That place is mind blowing! When you think you have seen something big, think again. This place defines BIG! We lucked out with being able to get the backcountry permits by standing in line before sunrise for all our adventures, but totally worth it. But I wouldn't recommend that gamble to anyone, just be on top of it and do your reservations online the months before. I can't wait to go back to this amazing place and explore more.

The perfect hammock tree

Taking a nice cool off break in La Verkin Creek

We got pretty good at creek crossings, in the desert

A normal night in the canyons

Hop Valley

Snake tree

I think we found Jurrasic Park

 The rocks made for alot of cool little waterfalls

The Subway

 In the Subway

 More cool waterfalls

 Desert cactus flowers

Angels Landing

 Lone tree

Getting into the Narrows

 Things got tight

 They weren't kidding with it being narrow

Flat rock

 Posted up for the evneing

 Starting off in the morning

 Waterlogged feet

 Wadding through more waterholes

 Some cool springs

 Rocks on rocks on a river

 Canyon Overlook at sunrise

Mama and baby ram

 Stopped briefly in Bryce Canyon on the way home

 Also swung through Capitol Reef National Park

 Hit the brakes to turn around for a photo than saw this tractor and opted with this evening photo

Sunset at the desert farm