Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts" Tour-Jibtopia

"Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts" Tour-Jibtopia from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
Jibtopia Wake Park meant the start of a 9 day van trip for the STZ team. Team riders Wes Jacobsen, Quinn Silvernale, and Cole Vanthof threw all down weekend long, along with friends Blake Bishop, Justin Lee, Alex Hamrick, Wes Hubert and Joey. Team skaters Jake Miller and Alejandro Depass also shredded up the mini pipe and street spots, keeping the stoke high. Big thanks to the Jibtopia crew for having us out.

Stay tuned for part 2 as the STZ van heads south to Valdosta Wake Compound for the next stop of the "Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts Tour"

Song: The Grizzlied Mighty-"Chantael"

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Boozin' n Croozin'

Boozin' n Croozin' from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
Another typical sunny day in the park. Crusin' with some booze in the pocket and runnin' into a bunch of buddies for a fun filled shred day. Nuff said.

Song: "Strictly 4 My Jeep"-Action Bronson

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Zion National Park explorations and more

To start off the summer activities, me and my girlfriend took a few weeks off work to go check out Zion National Park in Utah. That place is mind blowing! When you think you have seen something big, think again. This place defines BIG! We lucked out with being able to get the backcountry permits by standing in line before sunrise for all our adventures, but totally worth it. But I wouldn't recommend that gamble to anyone, just be on top of it and do your reservations online the months before. I can't wait to go back to this amazing place and explore more.

The perfect hammock tree

Taking a nice cool off break in La Verkin Creek

We got pretty good at creek crossings, in the desert

A normal night in the canyons

Hop Valley

Snake tree

I think we found Jurrasic Park

 The rocks made for alot of cool little waterfalls

The Subway

 In the Subway

 More cool waterfalls

 Desert cactus flowers

Angels Landing

 Lone tree

Getting into the Narrows

 Things got tight

 They weren't kidding with it being narrow

Flat rock

 Posted up for the evneing

 Starting off in the morning

 Waterlogged feet

 Wadding through more waterholes

 Some cool springs

 Rocks on rocks on a river

 Canyon Overlook at sunrise

Mama and baby ram

 Stopped briefly in Bryce Canyon on the way home

 Also swung through Capitol Reef National Park

 Hit the brakes to turn around for a photo than saw this tractor and opted with this evening photo

Sunset at the desert farm

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Copper Closing Day 2015: Let The Good Times Roll

Copper Closing Day 2015: Let The Good Times Roll from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.
Got the opportunity to be close out the resort season at Copper Mountain's closing day 2015. Woodward at Copper has been killing the park set up this year, so met up with some friends and characters for a fun day lapping/hiking the park. It was a pretty on point day with high level of stoke and fun.
The 2014-2015 ski season was a blast as always. Got a chance to meet rad new people, shred with the homies, and enjoy new spots and stoke around the amazing state of Colorado. Can't wait for next winter already!

Song: JD McPherson - "Let The Good Times Roll"

Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 Winter Season

2015 was somewhat of a quieter year for my camera. But there was still fun to be had on days off! Can't wait to see what the summer brings...

 Felix goin' upside down on a Tuesday

 Connor Paulson hiking for the trick

 Lake Dillon in all its sunset glory

 Lake Dillon

 Crested Butte

Pasture life 

 Closing day with Mario

 Good day for a dog hike

Just because the lifts stop turning doesn't mean there aren't turns to be had. 

 A beaut of a spring day in the rockies

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weekends during the week

The backcountry is a wonderful place, especially when good weather and good people are involved. Got the awesome opportunity to spend 3 days out in Cameron Pass to enjoy some sunshine and good times with some buddies. There was no shortage of fun with beers, ice fishing, and even got a good line back to the hut from the lake. Get out and seize the carpe.

 Backcountry patio chillin'

 Red mode

 Stars were out in full force

 Lake Agnes winter edition

 Lurrin' dinner in

 Make your own line

Beer break

Monday, March 23, 2015

Best of 2014

2014 was an awesome year filled with many rad adventures. Here's the best way I could sum it up with my favourite photos. 

Tits deep in Steamboat

The wooby trees


Pillows make sweet dreams

And more Steamboat

Snowbridge Liquors has your beer

 It snowed a bit at Copper

Copper fluff

Monarch chair rides

Japan trees at Monarch

Tucker crew

U-18 Nationals

Beaver Creek getting sent


The playground

Red Bull Slope Soakers

Bro dog getting some face shots


Good morning Lake Powell

Lower Antelope Canyon

 Horseshoe Bend


 Arches Park

 Beuna Vista nightlife

B.V. life

 Bro dog post swim

Shred Ready product shoot

Salida with the SR team

Brown claw


Valdosta Wake Compound

Quinn Silvernale getting lippy

Terry Bailey on the Stegosaurus kicker

 Alex Graydon getting some morning filming in at Terminus

Andy B likes to party

Spring 2 Summer/Yancey Crew

Spring 2 Summer aka "Turntville"

999 Reasons why camping sucks. #38. 

Gaper Von Droolsby

Deluge Lake

GoPro Mountain Games bike slopestyle

GoPro Mountain Games kayak freestyle

Gore Lake

 Mirror Lake

 Fall sunsets

 Post storm

High alpine lake fishing deluxe edition

 Missouri Basin in all its evening glory

  Morning fires

Mt. Belford

Distant rain

Mt. Harvard in the evening

Trek out

Piney Lake

Mountain caves 

 Booth Lake

 High alpine neature

 Get out

SR/STZ Happy Shredding Collab lid ad with Quinn Silvernale

 Shred Ready OSK Ad

Sick whip
Andrew Sanchez getting his summer Woodward at Copper shred on

Upper Boulder Lake

Take a wrong turn in CO, and this is where you can end up

Slate Lake

Upper Slate Lake sunrise

 Past upper

Felix near upper

 Alpine waterfalls

Slate Lake from above


 Willow Lake

Red rocks at Willow Lake